1: Navigate to and view eligible vehicles for the program and available leasing options.

2: Read and agree to all program terms found on the lease application form.

3: Enter all required fields on the lease application form.

4: If applicable enter your trade-in information which is also located on the lease application form.

   -Note: Positive or negative equity cannot be rolled into the payment. If you have equity in your trade we will write you a check for that equity. If you happen to have negative equity you will have to write a check to cover the amount of negative equity.

5: Submit the lease application form.

6: When you are approved for the program you will be alerted via email. The information sent to you will contain a link to our website where you can update your personal information and select your vehicle. Also at this time a Hyundai Supplier Lease Program representative will reach out to you to confirm your vehicle order and inform you if a security retainer is required. If a retainer is required it will be equal to your first month's payment.